why is it worth traveling to spain

Why Is It Worth Traveling to Spain?

It’s no surprise that Spain is the second most visited country in the world. The over 82 million tourists who visited it in 2018 enjoyed metropolises and art cities, some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, and world-renowned wine and gastronomy.

Spain is part of the Schengen Area and the EU, meaning that if you’re a non-EU citizen, starting from 2022 you’ll need an ETIAS visa waiver in order to be allowed into the country. Since applying for a travel authorization for Spain will become quick and easy, tourism is expected to increase even further. But is Spain really worth a visit and the plane ticket?

In this article, you’ll read about the main reasons to visit Spain, from the unique coastline to the most famous Spanish attractions and souvenirs as well as the affordability of a holiday in Spain.

Spanish Beaches: from Partying in Ibiza to Surfing in Galicia

The Spanish weather is gentle all year round if one stays away from snowy mountain tops. But summertime is when one can really get to appreciate the 4,964 km of coastline that the country offers.

In Spain, there’s a beach for every taste. Party-goers book a holiday in Ibiza, the famous Balear island home to exclusive clubs and enchanting Mediterranean beaches with pristine waters. No matter the hour of the day or night, the party never stops in Ibiza and the glamour is guaranteed.

If you’re planning a beach holiday in Spain with kids, there are plenty of quieter destinations, like Menorca, Málaga, and the Catalan coast.

Pro surfers from all over the world gather on the West coast of Spain, in Galicia, to catch the best waves in the country. The famous Pantin beach hosts the Pantin Classic Galicia Pro, a valid try for the World Surf League, but the whole region offers sandy beaches with peaks for every level. The best times to surf in Galicia are autumn and spring and international surfers can be surprised by the cold water temperature.

Is Spain Cheap to Visit?

Considered the average prices in Europe, definitely Spain is a very affordable country. International visitors used to travel on a budget will be able to save much more in Spain than in other European countries if they are careful to avoid tourist traps and plan in advance.

Foreigners will be surprised by how little a night out can cost in Spain thanks to its tapas tradition and affordable drinks. Accommodation can also be very cheap in most of Spain with plenty of options from hostels to Airbnb apartments and house sitting. It’s not unheard of for backpackers to spend as little as $ 50 per day in Spain.

However, the cost of a trip to Spain will largely depend on your itinerary. Prices vary dramatically depending on the city you’re in, with Barcelona and Madrid being the most expensive cities in Spain.

What is Spain most well known for?

Spain is famous for a great number of attractions. Lovers of architecture will be amazed by the unique buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, many of which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites for their cultural significance.

For those who enjoy art up close, Spain is a goldmine of museums and galleries. Some of the world’s most famous and innovative artists (think Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalì) worked in Spain and their masterpieces are kept in world-class museums like the Prado in Madrid. If you happen to travel to Spain during the winter, Spanish art cities offer plenty of indoor cultural attractions.

Spanish culture is also rich in distinctive traditions and festivals. From the Carnival in the Canary Islands (the second largest in the world after Rio) to giant puppet parades and tomato-throwing battles, it’s hard to get bored in Spain.

Special Things to Buy in Spain Only

Those askings themselves “what are the best souvenirs in Spain?” will be spoiled with choices. If you’re thinking of bringing home some Spanish delicacies, the famous jamón ibérico (as well as other cured meats), aged cheese, and fine local wines are the place to start. And if you happen to visit the Jerez area in Andalusía, you’ll have the unique opportunity to buy sherry where it was invented.

Spaniards are also some of the world’s best master guitar makers. Although choosing to buy a Spanish handcrafted guitar is not cheap, musicians will be making a lifetime investment and follow in the footsteps of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and the greatest flamenco legends.

During the hot Spanish summer, visitors grow accustomed to seeing locals grabbing their fans for some fresh aired relief. Besides being effective, these are often beautifully decorated and make for a classic Spanish souvenir that will only set you back a few euros.