ETIAS Spain Requirements for Ukrainian Citizens

Spain is famous for its diverse cultural opportunities ranging from the slow-paced and historic Andalusian region to the sun-soaked Balearic islands of the Mediterranean. Travelers have long raved about the regional cuisines of the Basque Country and Catalunya and soon Ukrainian citizens will have a new process for receiving permission to visit Spain to explore all that it has to offer travelers.

At the end of 2022, a new electronic visa-waiver system will be implemented by European authorities in an effort to revamp their entire system while updating their security screening process. The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) for Spain for Ukrainian citizens will ensure a quick and easy application for travelers while providing European authorities with a new way to protect its citizens.

Traveling to Spain from Ukraine with an ETIAS

Unlike many visas acquisition systems across the globe, the ETIAS for Spain will not force Ukrainian passport holders to visit their local embassy or consulate in order to apply. Instead, the entire process will be completed online and applicants will receive their issued visa via email.

It is recommendable that once you have received your ETIAS for Spain that you print out the confirmation email and carry it with your passport in the event that authorities at the border wish to confirm that their records match your own.

ETIAS Application for Ukrainian Citizens

The application process for the ETIAS for Spain for Ukrainian passport holders was designed with simplicity in mind. The application form will take no more than an hour to fill out assuming citizens have all the relevant information that European authorities will ask for already on hand. The basic requirements that will be asked of applicants will include filling out specific details such as their complete name, contact details, their date of birth, as well as some more personal information regarding their security and criminal history. Remember that European authorities already have this information on file and are looking to verify it.

The ETIAS for Spain takes up to 72 hours to be reviewed and for a final decision to be rendered. In some cases, the results will be returned to you within a matter of minutes, but it is best not to count on this and to apply with plenty of time before you intend to travel.

Once you have been granted an ETIAS, the visa waiver is valid for three years, giving you plenty of time to enter Spain. Upon entering Spain, the traveler has 90 days within 180 days to stay within Spain and any other Schengen Area countries they wish to visit.

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Passport and Documents Needed

In addition to the basic contact and personal details that were mentioned above, each Ukrainian citizen must be prepared to provide European authorities with the following information during the application process:

  • A Ukrainian passport (or another passport that is eligible for the ETIAS for Spain) with a minimum of three months of remaining validity from the date that you enter the Schengen Area
  • A valid email address. All correspondence regarding the ETIAS for Spain for Ukrainian passport holders will be via email. It is imperative that you check your spam folder if you have not received notification within three days of submitting your application
  • A debit or credit card to pay the application fee. The fee is non-refundable meaning that if your application is denied for any reason you will have to pay again should you wish to apply in the future

Ukraine Embassy and Consulates in Spain

The Ukrainian embassy is located in Madrid.

There are also consulates in Barcelona, Malaga, and Valencia.

Spanish Embassy and Consulates in Ukrainian

The Spanish Embassy is located in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev.

To stay in the loop regarding any updates to the ETIAS for Spain, remember to visit our news and information page here.

Origin Embassy
Embassy of Spain in Ukraine
Khoriva St., 46 Kyiv 01901 Ukraine
(+380) 44 521 0740 / 1
Destination Embassy
Embassy of Ukraine in Spain
Ronda de la Abubilla, 52 28043 Madrid Spain
(+34) 91 748 93 60