ETIAS Spain Requirements for Chilean Citizens

Spain is the second-most popular country for tourists visiting Europe, and it is no wonder why. From the bustling metropolitan of Madrid to the exciting football stadiums of Barcelona, the cobblestone streets of Seville, or the tropical beaches of Palma de Mallorca, there is something for everyone here. Spain is also the perfect destination to visit all year round thanks to its temperate climate.

However, Chileans traveling to Spain should be aware of the new changes in the visa structure of the European Union.

Starting in 2022, citizens from more than 60 different countries are required to have an ETIAS before they can legally enter the Schengen Area. The European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) was developed to improve the security of the European Union and will enable travelers to travel to Spain and other countries in the EU.

Traveling to Spain from Chile with an ETIAS

As mentioned, more than 60 countries are eligible for the “simplified EU visa” — the ETIAS — and Chile in included on the list.

The way it works is that Chilean citizens apply for their ETIAS authorization on the internet, fill out an application form, and get their approved ETIAS Spain for Chileans. When they enter Spain, travelers will have their passports scanned and be allowed into the country.

The ETIAS will allow travelers to stay for a maximum of 90 days at a time inside the European Union. The ETIAS is valid for a total of three years, and travelers can freely visit other countries within the Schengen Zone with their approved ETIAS authorization.

The best part about the ETIAS is that the application takes only a few minutes and most travelers will get approved instantly. Likewise, since it is done entirely online, there is no need to visit a local embassy, submit paperwork, or take fingerprints.

ETIAS Application for Chilean Citizens

Travelers will need to apply for the ETIAS to visit Spain from Chile.

The process to do so is quick and simple. Chilean travelers will need to start by filling out an online application, which should take them only a few minutes. The application consists of basic questions that ask about the traveler’s personal details, trip itinerary, passport information, and security questions. The data provided by the applicant will be cross-checked against European security databases such as Interpol. This is to ensure national security by making sure that all travelers who enter the borders of the Schengen zone are identified.

After filling out the application, we recommend double-checking all of the information before submitting the application form. Even a small error can cause the traveler’s application to be rejected, and they will need to start all over again.

The processing time for the ETIAS authorization is usually minutes after submitting the application, but in rare cases, it may take up to 72 hours depending on demand and the season.

The confirmation email containing the approved ETIAS will be emailed to the traveler’s email address that was listed on the application form.

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Passport and Documents Needed

There are only a handful of ETIAS Spain requirements for Chileans. They include the following:

  • A valid and current Chilean passport. The traveler’s passport should have a minimum validity of 3 months from the date that they plan to arrive in Spain. Likewise, we recommend keeping your passport nearby when filling out the application so that you can easily refer to the information and type it into the application.
  • A valid payment method. Travelers will need to pay the ETIAS fee using their credit or debit card.
  • A current email address. Finally, travelers need to have an email address to ensure that all correspondence relating to their Spanish ETIAS will reach their inbox.

After all of these requirements have been gathered, travelers are ready to start an ETIAS application. We also recommend looking at the travel advice for Spain and familiarizing yourself so that your trip is as easy and stress-free as possible.

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Embassy of Spain in Chile
Av. Andrés Bello, 1895, Santiago de Chile, Chile
(+56) 2 2235 2754 / 55 /61
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(+34) (91) 431 9160